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Different Types of Fitness Equipment

Is the best piece of fitness equipment a Treadmill? Lots of people have one. A treadmill is great for losing weight and strengthening your Cardiovascular System. It’s not so good for gaining muscle, though. You’ll need some dumbbells for that. But what if you don’t like dumbbells or you just want to lose weight? What if you want to buy THE BEST piece of fitness equipment? What is it? The best piece of fitness equipment is…the one that you will use!

I know, not the magic bullet that you were looking for, but it is the truth. To be more specific, choose a piece of
fitness equipment that:
1. Fits your goals.
2. You can understand.
3. Is within your budget.

Here are reviews and descriptions of several pieces of popular fitness equipment.

Dumbbells are a great piece of inexpensive fitness equipment.
You'd be surprised at the excellent workout you can get with just dumbbells. View some here.

Most people have seen and used dumbbells. Dumbbells are basically a small bar with weights on both ends. The variations in dumbbells come in weights, coatings and price.

What are Dumbbells Used For?
Dumbbells are used for strength training. You can build muscle mass and/or tone up your entire body with dumbbells. By adding the weight of light dumbbells to your aerobic routine, you can increase your caloric burn. The additional weight of dumbbells can also help your balance training.

Dumbbell Prices:
Dumbbells are priced according to weight and coating. The lighter, iron dumbbells are usually the least expensive. The chrome or special coated dumbbells are usually the most expensive. They can be purchased at Sporting Good Stores, Target, Amazon and many other retailers.

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You've probably seen these in the gym, fitness center or on T.V. An Exercise Ball, also known as a Swiss Ball or Physio Ball, is a round, blow up ball that looks similar to something you might find in a kid's playhouse or in a bounce pit.

Why Use an Exercise Ball?
Whatever name you choose to call it, Exercise Balls have the same purpose: Balance and Core Training. Being round, the ball's unstable surface forces the user to engage her core muscles in order to remain balanced.

How To Use an Exercise Ball:
Just about any exercise and any muscle group can be done on the ball. Just remember that the purpose of using an Exercise Ball is for Balance and Core Training. Not strength, cardio or other modes. There are 1,000s of exercises to choose from. Visit: iBodyFit.com to view free exercises on the ball!

Exercise Ball Sizes:
Exercise Balls come in three popular sizes. 45cm, 55cm and 65cm. Ball sizes are based on user height.

Exercise Ball Prices:
Exercise Balls range from $25 - $40. They can be purchased at Sporting Good Stores, Target, Amazon and many other retailers.

Exercise bands, also called 'Resistance Bands' or 'Bands' work well for toning and light strength training. Bands can be used to train almost any muscle group in the body. The exercises range from simple and obvious to very innovative. View some here for free!

Resistance Bands are also very popular for rehab and pre-hab exercises. Bands are even used in some fitness classes. Resistance Bands are a great piece of fitness equipment for 2 reasons:

Reason #1
Resistance Bands can be easily packed for traveling. Take them with you to the hotel, work or any getaway.

Reason #2 Resistance Bands are inexpensive. Everyone likes that, right?

Exercise Bands Description:
Bands are simple. They are a rubbery, plastic material tube with a handle on each end. Bands usually come in three different resistances- light, medium and heavy resistance. Different color bands offer different levels of resistance.

Exercise Band Prices:
Bands are fairly inexpensive. Most can be purchased for $10 - $20 at Sporting Good Stores, Target, Amazon and many other retailers.

A Body Bar is very similar to a barbell you would find in a gym. Its uses are similar, too. A Body Bar can be used to train almost any muscle in the body.

Body Bar Uses:
A Body Bar is used for strength training. You can build muscle mass and/or tone up your entire body with a body bar. By adding the weight of a light body bar to your aerobic routine, you can increase your caloric burn. The additional weight of the body bar can also help your balance training.

Body Bar Description:
The difference between a body bar and a barbell is a body bar is covered with a soft rubber coating and barbells are usually hard metal. The advantage of using a body bar is the soft feel and grip, without calluses or scratches you might get with a traditional barbell.

Body Bar Prices:
$10 - $50.Youn can purchase a Body Bar at Sporting Good Stores, Target, Amazon and many other retailers.

A treadmill is a GREAT piece of equipment.... IF you use it!
‘If’ because most treadmills end up becoming a clothes hanger.
Treadmills are great for improving and strengthening the Cardiovascular System and can help with weight loss… again, if used.
Some people find the impact of running or even walking on a treadmill too much for their knees and other joints, so be aware if you decide to train on a treadmill. The best thing about a treadmill is it can be used when the conditions are poor for outside training. There are many models available. Not sure about buying one? Try some models out at your local gym.

Treadmill Prices:
$500 and up. Check them out at: Sporting Good Stores, Target, Amazon and many other retailers.

Most people have ‘em! Yep, want to lose weight and improve your Cardiovascular System? Lace up your sneaks and go! Programs from easy walking to all out intense running and sprinting can be beneficial for you. There are many different types of sneakers- some for walking, running, ‘hanging out in’. Be sure to have the proper footwear before you begin your training program.

Sneaker Prices:
$50 - $150+

Yep! Nothin’! Want to get in shape but don’t have any equipment? Go walk. Go run. You probably have some shoes. If not, run barefoot on the beach. Lift cans, water jugs…anything around the house that you can manage. A gallon of water weighs about 8lbs. Cans in your kitchen cabinet can be used as dumbbells. Do pushups, situps, and any other type of non equipment body resistant exercises. Stretch. Don’t forget to stretch. It’s free, takes no equipment and is extremely beneficial for your mind and body.

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