Franklin Antoian, CPT   
Hi. I'm Franklin Antoian, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert and Founder of!
If you can get online, you can get in shape!

Phone: 561.420.2959
Kim Scholtes   Meet this Trainer Video
Hi! I’m a Personal Trainer, competitive runner and a mom! I have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 20 years.

  • (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer.
  • University of Miami graduate.
  • Masters Degree St. Thomas University.
  • Available for Personal Training Online and in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Fl.
Phone: please email
Heidi McBride   Meet this Trainer Video
I'm Heidi McBride. I'm a Personal Trainer, Competitive Triathlete and owner of Peace Fitness.

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Mother of two beautiful little girls.
  • Competitive Sprint and Olympic Triathlete.
  • Available for Personal: Training, Fitness Classes and Triathlon Training.
Phone: please email
Niki G.   
Hi! I'm Niki G. I’m a Certified Personal Yoga Instructor in Palm Beach, Florida.

Phone: please email
Sheilla Lloyd   
Hi! I've been a Professional Fitness Trainer for over 12 years. I encourage my clients to strive for their goals of a healthier lifestyle through proper exercise and nutrition.

  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness.
  • Sports Specific Performance.
  • Core and Stability Functional Training.
  • Available Online and in person in Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida.
Phone: 561.755.1800
Ken Castagnoli   
Hi. I'm Ken C. I am a former competitive Body Builder. I was a gym owner for 22 years and have over 25 years personal training experience.

  • Mr. Florida
  • Mr. New Jersey
  • Jr. National Overall Champion.
  • Available for Personal Training Online at and in Sebastian, FL.
  • Special pre contest training is also available.
Phone: 772.801.1957
Juli Kagan, M.Ed.   
I'm Juli K. I'm a Certified Pilates Instructor and Professor of Health Education.

  • Certified Pilates Instructor.
  • Author of: Mind Your Body: Pilates for the Seated Professional.
  • Website:
  • Available for Pilates Training in Person in Palm Beach County, FL.
Phone: 561.305.5854
Andre Lloyd   
I am a Professional Fitness trainer and former competitive athlete with 12 years training and educating clients.

  • Functional & Core Training.
  • Golf & Tennis Performance Training.
  • Muscular Strength & Development.
  • Available for Personal Training Online at and in Palm Beach, FL.
Phone: 561.634.1181
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