iBodyFit Online Personal Training

iBodyFit Online Personal Training plans are all inclusive. Plans are custom designed around your fitness goals, level, time, equipment and schedule. Plans start at just $49.

All plans include:

  • Individualized workout plan
  • Custom diet
  • Personal profile page
  • Feedback & support from Franklin
  • Access to additional iBodyFit online workouts
  • Custom Workouts:

  • Designed around your fitness goals
  • Video demonstrations of exercises
  • Recommended sets, reps and weight
  • Support & feedback from me anytime you need
  • Cardio & stretches
  • 40 Diet Options:

  • Low Fat / Weight Loss
  • Low Carb and On-The-Go
  • Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Gluten Free and 40 more!
  • All diets include 21 meals, 14 snacks and a grocery list
  • Common questions:

  • Do I need a gym membership for my custom workouts?
  • No. You can get fit in the comfort of your own home

  • Do I need equipment for my custom workouts?
  • No. Your workouts will be designed around the equipment that you have: dumbbells, bands, exercise balls, etc., or just body weight

  • Can I speak with someone if I need help?
  • Of course. I'm here to help you. Email, text, call or reach out on social media.
    I respond to all communications daily, usually within a few hours

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    • I travel around the world as a tattoo artist. Franklin designs custom workouts for me and it makes staying fit easy for me.
      - Lea V., NC
    • I had given up on losing weight. I had just accepted I was overweight...it was in my genes. I thought if I didn't eat as much or eat just 2 meals I would lose weight, but I ended up steadily gaining until I started iBodyFit...
      - Stephanie R., TX
    • Where do I start? What a journey it has been. From 'No Abs' to 'Best Abs' and a fitness competition win!!
      - Mary, Boca Raton, FL.
    • My body looks the best it has in a decade!
      - Christine F., TX
    • "I'm driving the ball farther because I've increased my rotation on both my backswing and follow through. My golf pro even noticed the difference . Thank you Franklin!"
      - Pete A, FL

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