The Premium Plan

Ready for an All-Access Pass to every iBodyFit workout? The Premium Plan is for you.
This plan includes every single one of our online workouts and all 40 diets, plus daily VIP support and feedback from our trainers, for an entire year, all for $99.

What you’ll get

  • The 4 week Fat Burner workout plan
  • The 8 week Muscle Toner plan
  • The 12 week Beach Bod Shredder plan
  • Access to all of our 400 online workout plans
  • Custom diets and grocery lists for each plan
  • Printable pdf workout plans for travelling
  • Workout video library with explanations of all exercises
  • Support and feedback from Franklin anytime you need
  • Exercise, workout and weight loss trackers

How it works

  • Choose any workout you want, at anytime
  • Choose any diet that you would like to try, anytime
  • Ask for help as often as needed - we respond immediately. Text, email, call or reach out on social media
  • Get all access passes to new and improved iBodyFit workouts before anyone sees them

Also includes

  • Fitness challenges
  • Workout of the week
  • Exercise video vault
  • Weekly weight check ins
  • Personal fitness trackers
  • Access to 400 additional pre made workout plans

Just $99
No contracts. No auto billing. 1 year access.

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