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3 Healthy Breakfast Choices Under $1.50

Shared on 01/14/2020 @ 10:14am by Franklin Antoian
Tags: General health | Recipes
Eating healthy does not have to be expensive.


Oatmeal is a great way to get your daily does of fiber, antioxidants and good carbs. As a bonus, oatmeal can help lower your LDL cholesterol and improve your blood sugar. Want an extra bonus? Oatmeal fills you up, so this inexpensive breakfast can actually help you lose weight. Cost: .30c per serving at home.


A delicious way to start your day is with a healthy smoothie. While there are many variations and recipes, try adding a piece of fruit, some greens and your favorite type of milk before you blend this all time favorite classic. Cost: $1.25 made at home.


An apple a day... or any type of fruit is a great way to energize your morning, while easily including vitamins and minerals to your diet. Cost: .75c at home

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