The VIP Plan

Do you workout now and want to get in better shape? Are you a beginner, but really want to see results? The iBodyFit VIP Online Personal Training Plan is for you. Your VIP plan includes up to 4 custom workouts and a custom diet. VIP support & feedback from Franklin will keep you motivated, all for just $99.

Just $99
One month. No contracts. No auto billing.

Custom Workout

Get in shape with a custom workout that is designed by one of SHAPE Magazine's Top 50 Trainers in America, Franklin Antoian. Your workouts will be personalized based on your goals, schedule, fitness level, equipment, limitations and more. Your plan includes a workout week with up to 4 strength and 3 cardio workouts.

Personalized Diet

The best way to lose or maintain weight is with a personalized diet plan based on the foods that you enjoy. Forget about eating bland tasteless food on the iBodyFit diet. Our Registered Dietician will design your custom diet with your favorite foods in mind and include the calories you need to reach your goal weight.

How It Works

  • Sign up and complete the Exercise Goals form
  • I'll review your form and create your custom workout plan
  • Log in and view your workout on your personal calendar
  • Workouts include: reps, sets, suggested weight & an exercise video sample
  • Reach out to me with any questions, at anytime
  • Support

    You're never alone at iBodyFit. I will be here to answer your questions, give guidance, support & motivation, all while helping you throughout each step of your journey. I'm available via email, text, phone and social media. I'm always willing to help and happy to hear from you!

    Also Includes

  • Fitness challenges
  • Workout of the week
  • Exercise video vault
  • Weekly weight check ins
  • Personal fitness trackers
  • Access to additional pre made workout plans
  • Common Questions:

  • Do I need a gym membership for my custom workouts?
  • No. You can get fit in the comfort of your own home

  • Do I need equipment for my custom workouts?
  • No. Your workouts will be designed around the equipment that you have: dumbbells, bands, exercise balls, etc., or just body weight

  • Can I speak with someone if I need help?
  • Of course. I'm here to help you. Email, text, call or reach out on social media.
    I respond to all communications daily, usually within a few hours.

  • How long does it take to get my workout?
  • Your workout is guaranteed to be ready in 24 hours. However, most plans are ready in less than 12 hours.

    Just $99
    One month. No contracts. No auto billing.


    • iBodyFit makes working out easy! No more guessing which exercises I should do. My exercises, weight, and reps are all listed for me when I log in. Best part is, all the workouts are available online, all the time.
      - Lisa G, FL
    • It's easy to follow my Custom Workouts on my mobile phone at the gym. At home, I use my tablet or TV.!
      - Bill W., WA
    • Where do I start? What a journey it has been. From 'No Abs' to 'Best Abs' and a fitness competition win!!
      - Mary, Boca Raton, FL.
    • "I'm driving the ball farther because I've increased my rotation on both my backswing and follow through. My golf pro even noticed the difference . Thank you Franklin!"
      - Pete A, FL
    • Workouts are great. My arms feel great but they tire, I have to fight against the burn, its a great workout :)
      - Jane F, OH

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