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The Fat Burner Plan

Want to lose 10 pounds in 1 month? You're in the right spot. All you need is dumbbells and desire for this award winning at-home workout plan.

Just $49 $29/year.
No contracts. No auto billing. One price.

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The Fat Burner Plan Includes:

The iBodyFit Fat Burner Plan includes all that you need to lose weight quickly. iBodyFit workouts are designed to help you get in shape, no matter what your fitness level.

  • Daily fat burning workouts
  • Personal workout calendar
  • Workout plans for men & women
  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced levels
  • Custom low fat / weight loss diet with grocery list
  • Workout video library with explanations of all exercises
  • Cardio plans and weight loss guidelines
  • Printable pdf workout plan for travelling
  • Access to additional online fitness challenges
  • Trainer support - reach out as often as needed!
Online Fitness

Workout Anywhere, Anytime

With the iBodyFit Fat Burner Plan, you can workout anywhere you prefer. iBodyFit workouts are designed to help you get in shape at home, in the gym or on the road.

  • Home workouts
  • Travel workouts
  • Gym workouts
  • Outdoor & indoor
  • Custom schedule
  • Personal workout calendar

Easy to Follow Nutritional Plans

The best way to lose weight is with a healthy diet. The iBodyFit Fat Burner Plan includes our easy to follow Classic Low Fat/Weight Loss diet. Need a special diet? We've got that, too.

  • Low Fat & Weight Loss
  • Gluten Free & Organic
  • Vegetarian & Vegan
  • On The Go
  • Customizable
  • Low Carb


You're never alone at iBodyFit. Franklin and his team will be here to answer your questions, give guidance, support & motivation, all while helping you throughout each step of your journey. We're available via email, text, phone and social media...and we're always willing to help and happy to hear from you!

Just $49 $29/year.
No contracts. No auto billing. One price.


  • iBodyFit makes working out easy! No more guessing which exercises I should do. My exercises, weight, and reps are all listed for me when I log in. Best part is, all the workouts are available online, all the time.
    - Lisa G, FL
  • Having my own personal trainer really motivates me. He is always there for me - email, text, social media and by cell phone!
    - Carolina H, VA
  • I travel around the world as a tattoo artist. Franklin designs custom workouts for me and it makes staying fit easy for me.
    - Lea V., NC
  • I had given up on losing weight. I had just accepted I was was in my genes. I thought if I didn't eat as much or eat just 2 meals I would lose weight, but I ended up steadily gaining until I started iBodyFit...
    - Stephanie R., TX
  • Workouts are great. My arms feel great but they tire, I have to fight against the burn, its a great workout :)
    - Jane F, OH

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