Target Heart Rate Calculator

What is 'Target Heart Rate'?

Your TARGET HEART RATE (THR) is the number of times your heart should beat per minute while exercising. It is expressed as a number. A THR of 135 means your heart should beat 135 beats per minute.

What is 'Target Heart Rate Zone'?

Your Target HEART RATE ZONE is the range of your THR. It is expressed as a high and low percentage.

Your THR Zone is measured as a percentage of your Maximum Heart Rate. Both your THR and THR Zone will vary depending upon your fitness goals and level.

What should my Target Heart Rate and THR Zone be?

Everyone is different and everyone has their own fitness goals. Your THR and THR Zone will vary depending on your: age, gender, fitness goals and level.

Generally Speaking...

The higher the THR, the more intense or difficult, the workout will be. Similarly, the higher the THR ZONE, the more difficult the workout will be. 60% to 85% are prescribed for healthy people in general exercise.

Some experienced athletes can exercise at 85% to over 100% of their THR for a short time, while underconditioned individuals may benefit from exercise as low as 40%. You can find your Target Heart Rate (THR) by using our free Free Calculator


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