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BMI Calculator

Is your BMI safe? BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a measure of your body composition. A safe BMI is 19.9 - 24.9, and a BMI over 25 can be a sign of bad things to come for you...

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Calories Burned Calculator

How many calories do I burn while... The more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose. How many calories do you burn while running for 30 minutes? How many calories do you burn while jumping rope for 30 minutes? Check out calories burned from hundreds of exercises here...

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Target Heart Rate Calculator

Are you in the correct Heart rate Zone? Fat Burning Zone. Cardio Zone. Anerobic Zone. It can be confusing. You are just trying to get healthy, right? We'll explain the differences and help you find your training zone. Check out your Target Zone for maximum fitness results...

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One Rep Max Calculator

Want to know how much weight you can bench press? Lots of us do. Lots of us try. Lots of us get hurt. Use this calculator for a safe estimate, please.

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TDEE Calculator

Want to lose weight? Want to gain weight? You'll need to know two things: How many calories you currently eat. How many calories you should be eating... Start here to find out your Caloric needs...

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RMR and BMR Calculator

Burning calories while you sleep? Yes, you are. We all are. In fact, we burn most of our calories just by living. It takes lots of calories to pump our blood, beat our hearts, regulate our temperature and more...

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iBodyFit Calorie Saver

Skipping an unhealthy food for a day, a month, or even a year will make a HUGE difference in your weight loss -- see how using our calculator.

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