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3 Ab Exercises with a Medicine Ball

Add definition to your abs with these exercises.

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3 Versions of Planks

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Monday Motivation

It's Monday. Let's do this!

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Set Your Monthly Goals For May

It's that time again! Set your fitness goals for May. Set your goals correctly and you can achieve all of them!

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3 Exercises for the Back of Your Arms

Tired of flabby arms? Let's trim some fat and tighten up your Triceps muscles.

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  • My body looks the best it has in a decade!
    - Christine F., TX
  • Workouts are great. My arms feel great but they tire, I have to fight against the burn, its a great workout :)
    - Jane F, OH
  • I travel around the world as a tattoo artist. Franklin add's my workouts to my calendar and it makes staying fit easy for me.
    - Lea V., NC
  • Having my own personal trainer really motivates me. He is always there for me - email, text, social media and by cell phone!
    - Carolina H, VA
  • "I'm driving the ball farther because I've increased my rotation on both my backswing and follow through. My golf pro even noticed the difference . Thank you Franklin!"
    - Pete A, FL

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