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Set Your Monthly Goals For November

It's the beginning of the month again! It's time to set new goals. Here's how.

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3 Exercises That Are A LOT Harder To Do Than They Look

Can you do these exercise?

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Pear Spiced Oatmeal

Thursday recipe!

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3 Exercises You Should Do Daily

If you sit most of the day for work, here's 3 exercises you should do each day.

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Monday Motivation

It's Monday. Let's do this!

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  • "I'm driving the ball farther because I've increased my rotation on both my backswing and follow through. My golf pro even noticed the difference . Thank you Franklin!"
    - Pete A, FL
  • It's easy to follow my Custom Workouts on my mobile phone at the gym. At home, I use my tablet or TV.!
    - Bill W., WA
  • My body looks the best it has in a decade!
    - Christine F., TX
  • Having my own personal trainer really motivates me. He is always there for me - email, text, social media and by cell phone!
    - Carolina H, VA
  • Where do I start? What a journey it has been. From 'No Abs' to 'Best Abs' and a fitness competition win!!
    - Mary, Boca Raton, FL.

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